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You Are Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

When you support World Villages for Children, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Supporting World Villages for Children


World Villages for Children consist of more than 400 Sisters who operate our charitable programs in the Philippines, South Korea, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, and Tanzania. In each country, the Sisters work to not only give children a safe roof over their heads, food, and education, but also prepare them in their culture and environment for a better future in their own country — at no charge to their families.

In addition to taking care of more than 20,000 poor children each year, your support enables the Sisters to maintain homes, hospitals, schools, and vocational training programs.

See how Sister Winnie went from living in one of the garbage dumps of Manila to using her big heart to serve thousands of children in spiritual motherhood:

Helping Children Escape Poverty 

Thanks to your support, our Villages empower tens-of-thousands of children to go from living in extreme poverty with little control over where their next meal would come from to being self-sufficient, productive members of society. They also transform these children into forces for good within their communities. Through this model, investing in one child’s future has an exponential effect in the fight against global poverty.

We are so grateful to all of our generous supporters who have made this work possible. Your kindness has transformed the lives of 150,000 children and counting.

See Joel’s inspiring story of growing up in a poor family and how his experience in our Village allowed him to earn a degree in Business Administration and work as a Purchasing Manager for Proctor & Gamble Asia:

Providing for Children in Our Villages

Your generous support is essential to continue operating our Children’s Villages. It provides us with the resources to meet the immediate needs of children living in poverty around the world and ensure they receive the knowledge and skills to support themselves after graduating. Without the support of loyal friends like you, we could not consistently offer a roof, three meals and day and the necessary care and comprehensive education to more than 20,000 children who have been entrusted to us. Without you, our children could not escape poverty and would have no hope in the future.

Hear from Estelle Bautista Martinez, a graduate who talks about the impact of being in a safe place where she didn’t have to worry about meals, safety, or any of the other sources of stress outside of the Village. 


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